Murat Yılmaz
Mentor and General Manager of Paper Boat


He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, International Relations and Dokuz Eylul University, Marine Tourism. He has professional experience in foreign trade and a personal interest in outdoor sports such as mountaineering and nature activities. He has also played a role in establishing sports clubs and has provided voluntary education through these organizations. He organized nature and sea-themed films festivals that have attracted a large number of attendees.

My story

In 2011, Murat shifted his focus from mountains to sailing and established the Open Sea Academy in Fethiye, driven by his interest in education and organization. He has sailed extensively in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Adriatic seas. He devoted himself to becoming a sailing instructor and is certified by both International Yacht Training Worldwide and the Turkish Sailing Federation.

Murat, also known as "Murat Hoca," has introduced many people to sailing and assisted them in pursuing their aspirations. He has lots of full logbooks, a wide range of skills and qualifications.

Murat is the instructor of all of us at PAPER BOAT Sailing and the General Manager of the company.