Our Story

Paper boats… the first boat of all of us.

Each time we set sail we get thrilled as if we are sailing for the first time and feel the same excitement as when we were children and sent our paper boats into the water. PAPER BOAT Sailing, which was established in October 2022, is inspired by these memories and our desire to sail.

About us

Innovative, expert and responsive

We are a group of five sailors who have come together under the banner of the Open Sea Academy to start a new sailing venture called PAPER BOAT Sailing. We are blending our passion for the sea with our past experiences on land and sea. Our genoa, Mehmet, who always accelerates us and this initiative, and Bilal, our mainsail that keeps the team in balance. Eda And Gurkan at the helm. The tactician of our boat is our teacher, Murat.

We care

Sustainable sailing is an approach to sailing that aims to minimize the environmental impact of sailing activities and promote sustainable practices on the water. This can include using renewable energy sources like wind, solar or hydro power to power boats, reducing waste and using eco-friendly products on board, practicing responsible fishing and avoiding damaging marine habitats, and respecting marine life and ecosystems.

Sustainable sailing also involves promoting education and awareness of environmental issues among sailors and encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices on and off the water. This can include participating in community clean-up efforts, supporting local conservation organizations, and advocating for policies that protect marine environments.

Sustainable sailing is important because it helps to reduce the impact of human activities on the ocean, which is crucial for the health of marine ecosystems and the sustainability of our planet. By adopting sustainable sailing practices, sailors can help to ensure that our oceans are preserved for future generations to enjoy.